Davra Brewery

Only the best from generation to generation

The family-owned Davra Brewery is one of the few private Lithuanian-owned breweries that form a separate and unique branch within the Lithuanian beer industry.

The concept of a private, family-owned brewery means that only premium quality raw materials and ingredients are used in production and that we place quality over quantity. We have been passing the traditions and values of live beer from generation to generation. Our brewery invests in local people, the local community, and environmental projects. All this means that we are not only creating a socially responsible business but also propagating the traditions of regional beer brewing



  Company shop

   You are welcome to visit our company shop in Pakruojis.

   Address: DAVRA
   J. Paukštelio g. 9, LT-5220, Pakruojis, Lithuania, tel. (8421) 61023


History of Davra

Davra, the private company of V. Daujotas, was established on 1 July 1993 in Pakruojis, a small town in Aukštaitija. The main activities of the company were the production and retail sale of beer. Davra Brewery produced homemade beer that was very popular with local residents. The beer was produced in wooden tubs. One tub was used for malting and another tub was used for fermenting wort. Up to 200 litres of beer per day were produced. Large straws were used to drain the wort, and crushed raw alder twigs were placed under them, which provided a unique taste to the beer. The wort was then fermented for about 7 hours. Before the foam resided, the young beer was moved to oak barrels in which it was subsequently provided to sellers.

On 8 February 2005, the company was reorganised to become the joint stock company Davra and moved to new production facilities on the bank of the magnificent Kruoja River. Today Davra is a family-owned company uniting highly qualified and diligent professionals who are dedicated to providing customers with premium quality products and services.

Our aim is to continue to improve our beer production process and to disseminate authentic beer values by using the latest beer production technologies and ensuring the premium quality of our products

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