Our products

Our beers are produced from natural ingredients and are live and unpasteurised. This means that our beers are always fresh and full of taste. Water obtained from our own well is the main ingredient to guarantee the good quality of our products. The carbon dioxide present in our beers is obtained in the course of natural fermentation (i.e. it is not added artificially). The best before period of our beers is considerably shorter than pasteurised beers or beers processed using other methods.


Daujotų Beer

A low-alcohol, amber-coloured beer for light beer lovers. This is the most popular beer produced by Davra Brewery. Thanks to its enhanced recipe, this beer now has an even stronger aroma of hops and a more characteristic taste. This beer has been awarded culinary heritage status.
Varniukų Beer

A  strong (5.6% ABV), dark beer with a pleasant sweetish taste reminiscent of the taste of rye bread and oat kvass. A mild aroma of hops. This beer can be consumed at room temperature and accompanied with a slice of lemon. This beer has been awarded culinary heritage status.
Linksmieji Vyrukai Beer

This live beer is produced according to the traditional beer production technology of Aukštaitija and is unique due to its rich malty taste and hoppy aroma. Beer lovers appreciate it for its characteristic, full-bodied taste of real traditional beer.
Natural Beer

A fresh unpasteurised beer from Aukštaitija. It is strong and heady and has a rich amber colour and the mild aroma of hops.
Šiaurės Beer

A strong beer (9.5% ABV) that celebrates the best traditions of the strong beers of Northern Lithuania.
Natūrali Gira Kvass

Produced from natural ingredients to guarantee a rich, traditional taste.
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