About the Factory


In 1993, in the small town of Pakruojis in Aukštaitija, in a private home, a private company called Davra was founded by V. Daujotas. Its main activities were beer production and retail. At that time, Daujotai Beer Brewery produced popular rustic beer in the region. The beer was brewed in wooden tubs, with one needed for malt mashing, another for fermentation, and it was possible to produce up to 200 liters per day. The young beer was poured into oak barrels, which were supplied to the market. In 2005, Daujotai Brewery was reorganized into a closed joint-stock company and moved to a new brewery located on the beautiful banks of the Kruoja River. Daujotai Beer Brewery now consists of a diligent and responsible team constantly striving to provide consumers with the highest quality beer.


Daujotai Beer Brewery has been exclusively owned and operated by the Daujotai family for over 30 years and is one of the few privately-owned Lithuanian capital beer breweries, forming a distinct and unique sector in the Lithuanian beer industry. Our goal is to continuously improve the beer production process, promote the values of real beer, and apply advanced beer production technologies.


The concept of a private family beer brewery means that only the highest quality raw materials and ingredients are used in production, emphasizing quality over quantity. Traditions and values of live beer are passed down from generation to generation. Among other things, the brewery contributes to local people, communities, and environmental projects. All of this allows for the creation of not only socially responsible local business but also the preservation of regional beer-making traditions.

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Production Process

We invite you to observe the beer pouring process carried out in our brewery, using the highest quality technologies.